Our mission

The purpose of the Association is to promote transport systems in Europe that correspond to users’ choices, that are subject to free, undistorted competition and which do not receive any public money except that within justified limits; which contribute to the economic prosperity of the Union and ensure a high quality of life for its population.

Ari Vatanen, President

MPE's Mission and Aims

Mobility For Prosperity in Europe is a Brussels-based association founded in 2005 by former Member of European Parliament Ari Vatanen. MPE gathers transport stakeholders such as associations and large companies which make extensive use of transports in their operations.

What is MPE's mission?

Mobility is an important facilitator of social and economic welfare. It is an important basic right to be protected and further enhanced.

Transport policy should therefore:

  • Put citizens’ needs at the forefront.
  • Be part of a holistic approach.
  • Be based on relevant facts and thorough analysis.
  • Develop effective co-modality rather than force unsuitable modal shift.
  • Foster investment into transport infrastructure, the basis for future welfare.
  • Encourage intelligent innovation, making transport more efficient and sustainable.
  • Enhance the benefits of transport rather than increase the burden on users.
  • Focus on meeting the demand for mobility.
  • Make sure public money is efficiently used.

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The MPE Secretariat is currently managed by the European Union Road Federation


News & Events

18 November 2015

In view of the upcoming Dutch Presidency, MPE invited Ms Brigide Kisters, the Attaché responsible for Land Transport.

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26 June 2015

MPE holds lunch with Mr Rolf Diemer, Head of Unit Economic analysis and impact assessment, DG MOVE

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20 May 2015

MPE invites Luxembourg Attache Sam Weissen for informal discussion

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13 May 2015

MPE invites Wim Van de Camp(MPE) for an exchange of views on current matters in transport

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19 March 2015

MPE organises lunch with Latvian Transort Attachés

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