MPE contributed to the Consultation on the Future of Transport

September 30 2009

Mobility for Prosperity in Europe (MPE) contributed to the Consultation of the European Commission following its Communication on the Future of Transport.

In short, MPE sees mobility as an important facilitator of social and economic welfare. It is an important basic right to be protected and further enhanced.

Future European transport policy should therefore:

  • put transport users’ needs at the forefront,
  • be part of a holistic approach,
  • be based on relevant facts and thorough analysis,
  • further develop and implement effective co-modality rather than force unsuitable modal shift,
  • foster investment into transport infrastructure, the basis for future welfare,
  • encourage intelligent innovation, making transport more efficient and sustainable,
  • enhance the benefits of transport rather than increase the burden on users,
  • focus on meeting the demand for mobility,
  • make sure public money is efficiently used.

Please find the whole text of the MPE contribution to the Consultation here.

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