MPE held its traditional and always successful Dinner Debate to discuss about the 2011 Transport White Paper!

31 May 2011

On 31st May 2011, Mobility for Prosperity in Europe (MPE) organised another well-attended Dinner Debate in the European Parliament to discuss the recently published White Paper on Transport policy with a view to 2050.

As it remains a fact that transport underpins the economy and as such is a cornerstone for a competitive Europe, it seems clear that the EU must develop a fully integrated transport system that will meet users’ needs up to 2020 and beyond. The intense plethora of reactions following the publication late March of the long-awaited White Paper “Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area – Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system” shows clearly that “co-modality” and “inter-modality” remain the buzz words of the moment, though a renewed focus on forced “modal shift” could draw a shadow over the Commission’s otherwise well-intended goals and benchmarks.

Please find the Press Release (short version), an Extended Version of the Press Release and the Agenda of the event here. The presentations of the Dinner Debate are also available:

MPE Executive Chairman Mike Sturgeon (ECG)

Fazilet Cinaralp (ETRMA)

Patrick Van De Vyver (3M)

Sandro Santamato (Head of Unit, Economic Analysis, Impact Assessment, Climate Change & Evaluation, DG MOVE)


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MPE Executive Chairman Mike Sturgeon (ECG)
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MEP Brian Simpson Fazilet Cinaralp (ETRMA) Patrick Van De Vyver (3M)
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Sandro Santamato (DG MOVE) MEP Ines Ayala Sender
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